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montshodaw leather knee up chair
montshodaw leather knee up chair

-\”My favorite track is “Glimpse”- as it was eye opening to what’s going on in today’s world-in a way to relate and vibe with the artist… The beats are a hit and I was actually able to savor the song-the lyrics had meaning-a purpose, unlike a lot of present music. Definitely something I would listen to.\” – Raquel


-\”The content is relevant and the beats go hard. These artists are long overdue.\”- Metcher Ma\’a


-\”The beats are distinctive… Lyrics are vibrant. They come to life in front of your eyes… It sticks with you.\”- Gerald Dvs


-\”Very unique sound, I admire the consciousness and message displayed through the lyrics, overall great music  👍🏾 👍🏾\”- Whit Jones


His knack for melding seemingly far out concepts with the practical struggles and joys of everyday living into dynamic heartfelt but gritty narratives is one of his trademarks. At times his style takes on a lighter character but is not timid and is heavy with inventive lyrics, melodies, and hooks that often blur genre boundaries.

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